Reforge Group

Reforge Group Website

The task

Reforge Group are rehabilitation specialists based in Toronto. They approached amplify for a complete rebrand of their existing company, including a bold new logo and a website redesign.

Reforge Group Website

Our approach

The brief was for the new Reforge image to incorporate elements from both the fitness ‘gym’ world whilst also encapsulating that of medical professionals.

Reforge Group Website

The result

Using clean spaces and blue colours helps the new website/brand identify with the medical world. The bold logo/title fonts and polished stock imagery provide a clear link to health and fitness. The guys at reforge were delighted!

Project Details

Core features
Responsive Website, Concise and Clean Design

Skills & Technologies
HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, MySQL, WordPress, Photoshop

Security, SEO, Google Adwords, Analytics, Hosting, Consulting, Disaster Recovery

Reforge Group Website

Using Amplify Creative to design our image, draft our logo and create our website was an extremely positive experience. Through their expertise, dedication to our design and experience, Amplify was able to use the information we gave them to create an image, design and website result that we were extremely pleased with. From the very beginning of the process Amplify was focused on designing an image and website that uniquely met our goals and would allow us to stand apart from other rehabilitation clinics. We were confident after speaking with Amplify initially and through the entire process they continued to update us on the design, look and feel of the website. They also ensured to include any changes we requested and were very accommodating with all aspects of the design process. This allowed us to not only see the entire design process but allowed us to be involved, creating an end result which we not only are extremely happy with but one that reflects exactly who we are, and will continue to be what sets us apart. Thanks to Amplify for the work and dedication they put into our project, it certainly shows and we couldn’t be happier!

Clinic Manager, Reforge Group

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