Projector Power

Projector Power

The task

Projector Power provide high quality projectors for home cinema. They called us after being impressed by Hauve Watch’s branding and website, realising our involvement via our company credit link. They needed a logo/brand for their new company…

Projector Power

Our approach

Their brief was clear – bold, modern, eye catching and a clear indicator of what the company does. Starting by sketching out some thoughts on paper the idea came very naturally. We were keen to work a lens into the logo, which took the place of the ‘O’. Next we played with boxing the words into an outline of a projector which balanced the design nicely.

Projector Power

The result

After adding some subtle details and accenting the lens and power button in a bright colour, the logo was born. We gave them a few colour variation options, which they couldn’t decide between – so they now plan to use all of them across the different areas of their site. Another happy customer!

Project Details

Core features
A bold, modern, eye catching and instantly recognisable logo design

Skills & Technologies

Branding, Design

Projector Power Logo

Amplify designed the perfect logo for my business. After a consultation on the phone and describing some ideas for the logo the guys got it right first time. They then gave me some options on finishing colours and touches. Overall a great experience and excellent end product.

Chris Devaney
Owner, Projector Power

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