Keyz App

Keyz App

The task

Keyz is a ‘Deal finding app’ that allows users to locate and purchase nearby offers. Initially launching in Dubai, we were tasked with branding the app, designing the UI, building an accompanying website, and producing an animated overview walkthrough video.

Keyz App

Our approach

Consulting closely with the client and an external app development team we set about designing, creating, and branding a tool that not only saves users money and encourages commerce, but also simplifies the way that process exists between merchants and consumers.

Keyz App

The result

The branding, ‘Keyz – Your own set of Keyz to the City’ is an empowering statement and true to the product we have created. The app is sleek and intuitive, signposted and explained stylishly with the supporting website and animation. With encouraging user engagement so far and scope to expand the idea further into other sectors and countries, Keyz has been success for us and our client.

Project Details

Core features
Responsive Website, App design, Branding, Animation

Skills & Technologies
HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, MySQL, WordPress, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects

Security, SEO, Google Adwords, Analytics, Hosting, Consulting, Disaster Recovery

This is now the 4th project Amplify Creative have finished for me, once again creating something beyond my expectation. Looking forward to the ongoing support they offer throughout the project also.

Bobby Drewett
Founder, Keyz App

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