Kath Sparks Vet Services

Kath Sparks Website

The task

Amplify were contracted to create initially a one page website which rapidly ballooned into a multi page, multi gallery website for this small veterinary signage business.

Kath Sparks Website

Our approach

Keeping the design simple, we created a responsive website with multiple galleries in a short timescale.

Kath Sparks Website

The result

The end result was a fully responsive WordPress based website with over 100 gallery images, each using a customised lightbox effect for opening.

Project Details

Core features
Responsive Website, Lightbox style galleries

Skills & Technologies
HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, MySQL, WordPress, Photoshop

Branding, SEO, Analytics, Hosting, Consulting, Disaster Recovery

Kath Sparks Website

I absolutely love the site

Kath Sparks

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