getsung app

The task

GetSung is a website / ‘phone app based product that allows its users to compete in karaoke style sing offs. Following an initial round of design and construction which looked amateurish, the founders asked Amplify Creative Marketing to step in and rescue the app.

getsung app

Our approach

Amplify stripped back the existing design to its bare bones and rebuilt it into a modern framework.

getsung app

The result

The resulting screenshots re-energised the company and gave it the confidence to go out and raise more money to increase the exposure of the app.

Project Details

Core features
Mobile App, Website

Skills & Technologies
Powerpoint, Photoshop, Illustrator

Investor Relations, Management Consultancy

getsung app

Oh my god... that is 100 million times better! Haha jeez you should see what this clown has left us with. Good work mate, looks brilliant!

Nick Searle
Partner, GetSung

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