Daniel Stewart & Co


The task

Daniel Stewart & Co. is a long established finance house based in London. They had commissioned a website from another designer but after 3 months of development without a result we were asked to parachute in and rescue the situation.


Our approach

We created a responsive website and used the powerful features of WordPress to create a rich and functional platform for the brand with several informative new features.


The result

Amplify had the new website up and running within three weeks, offering a responsive and easily updatable experience.

Project Details

Core features
Responsive website, extensive use of Blog facilities

Skills & Technologies
HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, MySQL, WordPress, Photoshop, Illustrator

SEO, Analytics, Hosting, Consulting, Disaster Recovery

Daniel Stewart Website

Amplify gave us a fantastic and usable website within a couple of weeks which really helped us out, we are very happy with the result.

Peter Shea
CEO, Daniel Stewart & Co

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