Bubblr Website

The task

Bubblr are a new and innovative technology company that wanted a complete rebrand and a website that was unique. The brief came in the form of an album cover and the words “something like that”

Bubblr Website

Our approach

We built the website using the amazing Divi template in WordPress and then went about Hand drawing a custom slider. The original ink drawings were then scanned and digitally coloured before compositing on a background image.

Bubblr Website

The result

Bubblr had previously paid for a website that didn’t reach the standards, and had paid a considerable amount. For less then a third of their original website’s price, we produced something totally unique.

Project Details

Core features
Brand Re-design, Responsive WordPress Website, Custom Parallax slider module

Skills & Technologies
HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, MySQL, WordPress, Photoshop, Illustrator, Pen and Ink Drawing

Re-branding, Logo Design, SEO, Analytics, Consulting

bubblr website

Really well done again. I can’t thank you enough. That was exactly what I wanted...The concept is absolutely brilliant! Well worth the wait!

Steve Morris
CTO, Bubblr

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