Bubblr animation

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The task

To create an “explainer” video for the Bubblr news app, a personalised new service that scours the web for the stories that interest you. Amplify had an extremely tight timeline to deliver something snappy, modern, and without the use of a voice over for the message delivery.

Project Details

The one minute flat style animation takes a top-down vantage point of the app the app be navigated by a user. Vector based graphical assets were used throughout to ensure crisp quality and, were primarily created in Adobe Illustrator and imported into the Adobe After Effects stage for animation.

We also came up with the bubble popping animation for the opening sequence and the strap-line “Your news, delivered” which we all felt was simple, punchy, and yet descriptive enough to work in isolation. All accompanied by an original backing music track, written and produced in-house by amplify creative.

Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects

Bubblr are an Amplify customer and they handle all of our Web site build branding and mobile apps. A design company that actually do original design from just a concept. We cannot recommend them highly enough.

Steve Morris
CEO, Bubblr

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