Great British Manufacturer commissions Amplify Creative Marketing to revitalise their online presence

Amplify Creative are happy to announce that we have recently put one of our newest client websites live,, and we are very proud of some of our work on this project. This is an ongoing project, the client wanted a rapid uplift initially but we have been engaged in the long-term to provide leading practice consultancy on website and social media usage. We will be shooting some video pieces in the near future as well as taking an in-depth look at some of the manufacturing processes employed.

HC Coils is a global leader in the design and manufacture of Air Conditioning systems, and a Great British manufacturer, so we were naturally delighted when we were given the opportunity to help revamp their existing website.

We were able to shoot some interesting macro and wide photography pieces that helped to bring the production facilities to the forefront of the website with some great and unique images. It’s this ability that we believe sets us apart from many other design agencies – Amplify don’t just drop in stock art, if a client has the appetite, we design and shoot our own source material.

The images above show some of our raw footage and our work to isolate the products. We shot predominantly under artificial light with a combination of Nikon and Canon DSLR cameras, and using a 105mm Macro lens as well as a 50mm prime and a 15-85mm telephoto lens. We always shoot using RAW where possible, which gives us total control over the images we output, and allows us to tweak colour and exposure levels if we need to.

Moving forward we will be showcasing more of the manufacturing facilities as we believe that HC Coils is a fantastic business that, up until now, has been relatively shy at promoting itself.