A year later…

We caught up with one of our original clients, The Baytree Centre one year on since amplify creative helped them build their new website, to see what impact the facelift has had on the charity. Volunteer & Youth Development Manager, Rosanna Zach has kindly taken the time to provide this insight:

Rosanna Zach, Baytree Contact

Charities like Baytree rely heavily on the generosity of the public to help raise funds and volunteer their time. It is no secret that having a good website is crucial when it comes to raising awareness, encouraging donations, and engaging volunteers and supporters.

Staff at Baytree say, ‘By having an up-to-date and well structured website we have been able to grow our presence enormously over the last year. We’ve been established for 26 years now but the website has made a fundamental difference to us over the last year.’

Networking and promoting Baytree’s work has become a straightforward task for staff. ‘In the past, getting our message heard wasn’t that easy. We couldn’t just say ‘ Hey check out our website’ as it was totally outdated and incredibility confusing but our new website is clean and concise. Now whenever we meet people and tell them about Baytree we just point them in the direction of our website. Our mission, what we do and how we achieve it is all displayed very clearly on the website. People are no longer confused as to what we do and the programmes we offer.’

Baytree Website

Informing your audience about why your charity matters is paramount. A well structured website has allowed Baytree to educate their audience about the vital work they are doing within the community.

‘It’s much easier for people to get in touch with us too. Contact details are clearly displayed throughout the website and the ‘meet the team’ section which includes every staff member’s bio, responsibilities and contact information is tremendously beneficial.’ Thanks to the new website Baytree has been able to expand its network and establish more partnerships with other organisations which has brought many benefits to the small charity.

Baytree Website

With the help of a spotlight feature on their homepage Baytree has been able to share their news with their supporters, showcasing their good work and achievements. Having a professional website and online presence has without a doubt made impact on the decision making of funders, something that has been quite noticeable to Baytree especially over the last months.

Since the launch of the new website Baytree has also been able to make use of free google ads, available to small charities. At the heart of every charity are those in need of help and support. More often than not, people turn to the web to look for help, guidance and advice. Consequently staff have seen a notable increase in service users accessing their provision as well as an increase in client referrals to their services from other community organisations and social services.

The new website has proven a useful marketing tool for promoting and recruiting volunteers and staff. The website with it’s integrated online application form has become the central location and most effective recruitment tool for advertising and promoting volunteering opportunities as well as staff vacancies. Thanks to the well structured and comprehensive ‘Volunteer Service’ section on their website, they no longer need to rely on volunteering platforms, Student’s Volunteering Hubs or Gumtree. It makes my life so much easier. I don’t need to post volunteering opportunities to all these numerous sites and platforms, keep them updated and then send out email after email to people who have expressed an interest. All our opportunities are now advertised centrally through are website and all I need to do is keep those postings updated then lean back and let google ads and the website do their thing.

Baytree is extremely proud to have been chosen as one of five mentoring charities to receive the proceeds of co-founder of Innocent Smoothies, Richard Reed’s book ‘If I Could Tell You Just One Thing‘ which came out in November 2016. Similarly they were also selected to be part of the band The xx’s very successful ‘Night + Day Brixton’ festival in March 2017. ‘We were totally blown away. It was an amazing experience and one that we would never have had the chance to be a part of without our new website. We’d still be hiding in the shadows of our old website if it wasn’t for Simon and Olly.’

Baytree Website